Looking for Jakarta Tourist Attractions?  Looking for fun things to do in Jakarta?  Why not tour Jakarta with a private Jakarta Tour Guide from LSI?  Our one-day Jakarta Tours take you to top Jakarta attractions and offer you great "Jakarta things to do."  Nobody knows the places to visit in Jakarta like we do.  If you're wondering what to see in Jakarta - what to do in Jakarta - book a Jakarta City Tour with LSI CITY TOUR JAKARTA.  Our Jakarta Day Tours offer sightseeing at its best!

Please peruse our 8 Exclusive Jakarta Tours.

Choose as many tours as you would like, or create a customised tour of your own.

You may book your tours online or by telephone.

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Thank you for your interest in LSI CITY TOUR  JAKARTA.  If you're wondering what to see in Jakarta - what to do in Jakarta - look no further than LSI!  Nobody knows Jakarta Tourist Attractions and Outside Jakarta attractions like we do.  Each LSI Jakarta City Tour is designed for a different interest, and we hope that you have found a Jakarta Tour that appeals to you.  Just contact us and book an LSI Jakarta Tour Guide to tour Jakarta with you, and we'll set you up with your desired Jakarta Tours within hours!  We know the places to visit in Jakarta, the things to see in Jakarta, and the things to do in Jakarta.  Let us show you the best tourist attractions in Jakarta and the hottest Jakarta Tourist spots.  Whether you'd like a single Jakarta Day Tour or several days of Jakarta Sightseeing Tours, we're here to help you ENJOY JAKARTA!

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