LSI CITY TOUR JAKARTA | 2-Day Beach Vacation on the blissful Java Sea.  BEYOND JAKARTA WHAT TO DO?  After you tour Jakarta, why not spend a relaxing weekend at a Beach Resort in the Thousand Islands (a cluster of tiny islands in the Java Sea off the coast of Jakarta).  We will whisk you off by speedboat to a exquisite tropical island no bigger than a postage stamp, where you can snorkel in crystal blue water and lounge on a white sandy beach. 

Things to see in Jakarta Area : Take LSI's Java Beach Excursion.

Eat, sleep and explore Borneo aboard traditional Klotok riverboat. 

One person   : Rp 9,900,000  (approx €587 / USD $745)

Two or more : Rp 6,900,000/person  (approx €410 / USD $520)


Group Size


Flight departs

Flight returns

:  Monday through Sunday

:  1 or more persons

:  3 Days, 2 Nights 

:  9am from Jakarta

:  9am on the third day  (arriving 11am in Jakarta)

All-Inclusive Package :

*  Airport pick-up and drop-off at your Jakarta location

*  Flight to and from Borneo

*  Airport pick-up and drop-off in Borneo

*  3 days / 2 nights on a Borneo Riverboat

*  All meals and Admissions

Optional Add-on : Sleep at the RIMBA LODGE on the Sekonyer River (rather than sleep aboard the boat)

Rp 1,800,000/night  (approx USD $136)  for 1 or 2 persons.

On this extraordinary journey into the dense jungles of Borneo, you will learn about the island's rich biodiversity while travelling down the Sekonyer River aboard an Indonesian riverboat. You'll eat and sleep aboard the boat and make frequent trips ashore to visit the various orangutan research camps and feeding stations along the river.


Places to Visit in Jakarta Area : LSI's Borneo Riverboat Excursion.

The first blueprint of orangutan genetic code has confirmed that they share 97 per cent of their DNA with humans. This remarkable similarity to humans evokes a sense of familiarity in their gestures, so you'll definitely want to bring a camera. A trip to Borneo is one you'll want to capture.

Orangutans aren't the only wild animals you'll encounter on this rainforest adventure. In addition to orangutans, you're likely to see a selection of endemic proboscis monkeys, macaques, a wide variety of bird species, and even a crocodile or two.



  • On arrival, travel to the nearby Kumai dock where an Indonesian riverboat awaits you.

  • Board the boat for a two hour trip down the Sekonyer River to Camp Tanjung Harapan.

       Enjoy panoramic views as the vessel moves steadily through the river.

  • Arriving at Camp Tanjung Harapan, trek into the lush forest canopy to one of the National Park's strategically positioned orangutan feeding stations.


  • After breakfast, take a short trek to Camp Pondok Tanggui, a second feeding station.

  • Travel to Camp Leakey, the biggest site in Tanjung Puting National Park.

​       Here a tour guide will direct you to the Visitor Information Centre, to learn about the first    

       orangutan research done by Professior Galdikas, a pioneer in orangutan studies.

  • Trek to the third feeding station for another opportunity to observe orangutans in close proximity before returning to the boat for dinner.


Enjoy a final breakfast aboard the boat before returning to Jakarta.

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