LSI CITY TOUR JAKARTA  |  4-Hour Indonesian Cooking Classes at Pesona.  THINGS TO DO AND THINGS TO SEE IN JAKARTA?  Rather than take a conventional "Jakarta City Tour," why not take a Jakarta Tour that offers a 4-hour Indonesian cooking class with the resident cook at LSI's Pesona Guest House?  Your cooking class will include a  trip to a chaotic traditional market to purchase ingredients - a "Jakarta tourist attraction" in itself!

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Per person : Rp 500,000/4-hour class  (approx €30 / USD $38).

Includes trip to a traditional market to purchase ingredients.



Group Size


:  Monday through Sunday

:  2 or more persons

:  4 hours per class

Take one, two or three Indonesian cooking classes at LSI's Pesona Guest House.


Learn to cook authentic Indonesian food with Pesona's

resident cook, Ibu Narti.

Indonesians enjoy eating together and attach great importance to food. 


Historically, wet-rice farming has demanded a great deal of social co-operation and mutual tolerance among Indonesians, and, to this day, there are few activities which bring Indonesians together and strengthen social and family bonds like a celebratory feast.

There is no better way to connect with the Indonesians around you than to prepare and share a meal together.


Indonesian cooking is a rich blend of foods, influenced by the many cultures which have passed through the archipelago over the past 500 years : namely, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, and Arab.


If you enjoy peanut sauces and curries, chili peppers and lemon grass, turmeric and tamarind ... then you will be very happy to be introduced to Indonesian cooking during your Program.


Your Indonesian Cooking Class(es) will begin with a trip to a traditional market to purchase ingredients.  Then, you will return to Pesona Guest House where you will prepare an authentic Indonesian meal to be enjoyed by you and other visitors.

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Choose 1 set menu per class.  Each menu is comprised of 3 courses.


  • ASINAN   (spicy peanut salad)

  • SOTO BETAWI  (cream beef soup)

  • NASI UDUK  (steamed rice ooked in coconut milk)


  • ORAK-ARIK TEMPE  (stir-fried tempe in sweet soy sauce)

  • RENDANG  (beef slow cooked in coconut milk and spices)

  • NASI KUNING  (steamed rice cooked in turmeric and coconut milk)


  • GADO-GADO  (Cooked vegetables with peanut sauce dressing)

  • IKAN BAKAR or IKAN GORENG  (barbecued or fried snapper)

  • NASI PUTIH (steamed white rice)

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