LSI CITY TOUR JAKARTA | 2-Hour Beginner Indonesian Language Lessons.  JAKARTA TOURIST SPOTS FOR ACTIVITIES? FUN THINGS TO DO IN JAKARTA?  If you are tired of "regular" Jakarta City Tours, take a Jakarta day tour to Language Studies Indonesia for 2 or more Indonesian language lessons.  (Then you can tour jakarta and try out your skills with locals!) This one-day Jakarta tour puts a new twist on Jakarta tours - a new kind of Jakarta attraction!

Arrange an LSI JAKARTA CITY TOUR with Indonesian Language Lessons.

Per Person  :  Single Lesson (two-hour class) : Rp 500,000  (approx €30 / USD $38)

                        Entire Course Level (13 two-hour classes) : Rp 6,500,000  (approx €386 / USD $486)



Group Size


:  Monday through Saturday 

:  1 or more persons

:  2 hours per class

Take a single Indonesian Language Lesson or take a few. 

If you'd like, take an entire course level (13 lessons)!


Study at your Jakarta location . . . or at LANGUAGE STUDIES INDONESIA.

The official language of Indonesia is Bahasa Indonesia (literally, “the language of Indonesia”).  It is the language that unifies the world’s fourth most populous country – a country comprised of 18,000 islands and inhabited by 350 ethnic groups.


Bahasa Indonesia, a standardised version of Malay, is the sixth most widely spoken language in the world (after Mandarin, English, Hindi, Spanish and Arabic), and is spoken by 250 million people in the modern states of Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

LANGUAGE STUDIES INDONESIA (LSI) is the only educational institution in the Indonesian Capital devoted solely to the study of Bahasa Indonesia, and LSI’s step-by-step course programme is arguably the most effective and scientifically-based Indonesian language programme available in the world today.

Per Person  :

* Single Lesson (two-hour class) :

Rp 375,000  (approx USD $29)

* Entire Course Level (13 two-hour classes) :

Rp 4,875,000  (approx USD $370)

LSI TOURS JAKARTA offers  Indonesian Language Lessons
Take Indonesian Language Lessons with LSI JAKARTA CITY TOURS.


IND A1   Bahasa Indonesia : Foundations I

IND A2   Bahasa Indonesia : Foundations II

IND B1   Bahasa Indonesia : Intermediate I

IND B2   Bahasa Indonesia : Intermediate II

IND C1   Bahasa Indonesia : Advanced I

IND C2   Bahasa Indonesia : Advanced II

13 two-hour classes / 26 instructional hours

13 two-hour classes / 26 instructional hours

13 two-hour classes / 26 instructional hours

13 two-hour classes / 26 instructional hours

13 two-hour classes / 26 instructional hours

13 two-hour classes / 26 instructional hours

Entire Programme

78 two-hour classes / 156 hours

For English speakers, Bahasa Indonesia provides a wonderful opportunity to acquire another language.

Unlike other Asian languages, it uses Roman or Latin script; pronunciation is generally straightforward

(as it is not a tonal language like Chinese); and its lack of complicated grammatical structures

(such as verb tenses) make mastery of simple conversation relatively painless.

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