Reviews of Jakarta City Tours by LSI CITY TOUR JAKARTA.  Wondering which Jakarta Day Tours to take?  Wondering whether to visit the Textile Museum Jakarta, the Art Museum Jakarta, Museum Fatahillah Jakarta or the Wayang Museum?  Before you begin to tour Jakarta or choose a Jakarta Tour Guide, read the reviews of tourists who have taken private one-day Jakarta Tours with LSI CITY TOUR JAKARTA!  Then choose a Jakarta sightseeing tour that's just right for you.

LSI PRIVATE CITY TOURS JAKARTA | See Textile Museum Jakarta.
Tour Jakarta with an LSI JAKARTA TOUR GUIDE.
LSI PRIVATE JAKARTA CITY TOURS : See Museum Fatahillah Jakarta.

" ... high-end, professional  sightseeing tour ..."

Ethan Smith  |  Canada

I recently took two Jakarta Tours with LSI City Tours Jakarta - the "Colonial Jakarta Tour" and the "Batik Making/Fighting Fish Tour."  There are dozens of ordinary Jakarta tours in a big city like Jakarta, but I have never before encountered a high-end, professional sightseeing tour like this one. When I originally called to inquire, the phone was picked up after just two rings and a company rep took the time to walk me through all the tours in detail - in perfect English!!!

On my tour days, I was (1) picked up at my hotel 15 minutes before the official start-time, (2) given a few written materials related to my tour, (3) escorted around the city by a charming (and highly-educated) tour guide, well schooled in the history and culture of Jakarta, (4) taken for an amazing lunch with great conversation at a gorgeous Jakarta restaurant, and (5) returned back to my hotel after a whopping 8.5 hours!

To put it in a nutshell : If you don't book with these guys, your'e really missing out.  Thank you LSI - Ibu Anissa and Pak Dion, I'm shouting out to you!  You're the best!

P.S. Take the Batik Making/Fighting Fish Tour. Very gratifying and totally unusual.

At first, I thought LSI was a bit pricey, but then I looked at the quality of their website and thought I'd rather be safe than risk disappointment. I'm so glad I did. I took the Jakarta Market Tour with a young tour guide named  Bayu.  He's a linguist by profession and develops curriculum for LSI's Indonesian language program in addition to conducting LSI cultural tours.  So he was actually able to get me speaking a bit of Bahasa Indonesia with locals before the end of the day. 

I couldn't believe what a SCHOLAR ON JAKARTA this young Bayu was.  For example, he knew I was American so, after we finished visiting our scheduled traditional market in the morning, he decided to make an unplanned stop at an elementary school where President Obama attended as a child.  At the school he showed me a statue erected in Obama's honor and gave ME a thorough history lesson on MY President's early years. HOW INSANE IS THAT!   (Maybe my American education was worse than I thought.)

Then before we visited our arranged antique market in the afternoon, Bayu took me to a restaurant called Lara Djonggrang.  Without a doubt, this is one of the most impressive and exotic restaurants I have ever stepped into in my life, and the food is absolutely fabulous too.  I have no idea how they discovered this place. 

In the end, this tour was not expensive at all.  I've never been on any tour anywhere where I was provided this level of guide together with lunch at a spectacular restaurant! 

A 5-star experience all the way.  Happy touring.

LSI PRIVATE JAKARTA CITY TOURS : See Obama Statue in Menteng.

" I've never been on any tour anywhere [with] this level of guide [and] lunch at a spectacular restaurant!   A  5-star experience ...!"

Linda Rose  |  United States

LSI JAKARTA TOURS | Stay at our exquisite Jakarta Guest House!
"  We have been in many places in Jakarta,
but we will never forget  Pesona Guest  House!"

Jan Den Hertog | Netherland

LSI's PESONA GUEST HOUSE is a great, beautiful and peaceful place in the heart of Jakarta!


From this particular area away from all the traffic, you can reach everything easily such as shopping malls, the best restaurants, tourist attractions, etc.


The hosts, Mel and Nana, are the best and friendliest you can get in this city.  Really everything on and around the house is to the last detail.


Hygiene and quality are paramount. Not to mention the beautiful furniture and design which you will find enchanting. The staff is super friendly and professional.  The room was large and very special.


You can really unwind after a long journey. The breakfast is delicious and enough choices from western to really indonesian style.


Personally, we have been in many places in Jakarta, but we will never forget PESONA GUEST HOUSE!

LSI JAKARTA TOUR to villages of West Java (2D/1N).
LSI JAKARTA TOURS | Visit traditional villages of West Java (2D/1N).
LSI TOURS JAKARTA | See rural villages of West Java (2D/1N).

I'm a 27-year-old woman from the U.K.  Last month I travelled alone to Indonesia and stopped in Jakarta at the end of my trip.  After a day of sitting around in my guesthouse feeling lonely, I really wanted to get out and do something  - but I was a bit intimidated by the city and worried about my safety.  I searched online for a tour company and I chose LSI for their great website.  It seemed like the best option for me.

After talking to a really sweet woman on the telephone, I decided to book LSI's two-day adventure to West Java (with another woman from my guesthouse). The next day, we were picked up by a gentleman named Mr Rahdian who went to university in West Java and was very knowledgeable about the area.  In West Java, we connected with the Company's guides there, and we were escorted to a weaving village, a tobacco village, a traditional coffee plantation, and a whole lot more. My favourite part of all was sitting on the floor in the home of one of our guides, eating a local dinner made by the guide's wife and daughter. We all talked into the night, or at least we tried as best we could.

The whole excursion from start to finish was very "authentic" and gave us a chance to link up with real people who live traditional lives outside of Jakarta.  An incredible experience.

I highly recommend LSI for female travellers.  Our guides were so respectful of us, and they took so much care for our safety at all times.  There wasn't a moment's stress during the entire weekend.

If you decide to go to West Java, request Mr Rahdian!!!  (Mr Yan Yan in West Java is great too.)  Thank you to everyone at LSI for making my final days in Indonesia among the most memorable.

LSI JAKARTA TOURS | Excursion to villages of West Java (2D/1N).
Visit West Java Villages with LSI Jakarta Tour Guide (2D/1N).

" ... very authentic and incredible experience ... [without]  a moment''s stress ..."

Abigail Hudson  |  United Kingdom

LSI JAKARTA DAY TOURS | Stay at our  gorgeous Jakarta Guesthouse.
" Everything was perfect ... The food was delicious ...
I will only stay at  Pesona when  I return to Jakarta in the future."

Paul Clevenger | Australia


Hospitality, service and friendship.

Everything was perfect when we stayed at the Pesona Guest House.


The host, Nana, is amazingly thoughtful and attentive, and her husband, Mel, is a very kind and interesting man.  They have three rooms, which creates such a warm and family atmosphere.  The rooms are comfortable and have everything that you would need.


Outside of the private rooms there is much space to lounge and talk with the hosts and other guests.  There are plenty of books, movies, and there is even a beautiful grand piano and swimming pool.

The food was delicious and beyond sufficient amounts were served.  Real cappuccino too!


I will only stay at Pesona when I return to Jakarta in the future.

In the case of LSI, you can go ahead and "judge the book by its cover." The website is awesome, clear and honest;  the customer service at the tour office is superb; the tour guides are dynamic, well-educated and informative; the tour arrangements are perfect; and the restaurant choices are better than any you would find on your own.

I've taken 6 or LSI's 10 tour options and, to-date, I haven't had a single complaint.  This company is one-of-a-kind.  You would be foolish to use anyone else.  Highly recommended. 

"... the tour guides are dynamic, well-educated and informative, the arrangements are perfect ... This company is one-of-a-kind.   You would be foolish to use anyone else.... Highly recommended."

Oliver Hashash  |  Germany

See West Java Villages with LSI Jakarta Tour Guide (2D/1N).
LSI CITY TOURS JAKARTA | 2-Day Beach Weekend in Java Sea.
LSI CITY TOURS JAKARTA | 2-Day Excursion to West Java.
LSI PRIVATE TOURS JAKARTA | Enjoy Tourist Attractions in Jakarta!

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